Custom Roll Form Shapes

  • Cargowall's true forte is in understanding customer challenges to produce affordable custom steel solutions. Whether it is simple shapes or complex profiles, Cargowall's design and engineering team combines customers' ideas with our expertise to find the right workable solution. To our customers' advantage, we provide tight tolerances and superior part repeatability by cold rolling components.

Cargowall assists customers in developing specifications for the most effective component for assembly. We provide advice and guidance on everything from initial design, to proper raw materials, material strength, tolerances, finishing, and even the correct size for shipping and handling.


Standardized Shapes

  • Our standard product offering is made in a variety of metals, thicknesses, and finishes. These product shapes are made to order and may be requested in specific lengths to suit customers' needs from 12" to over 60 feet. Cargowall standard shapes include:
  •  Angle | Hat Channel

  • Open C Channel | C Channel

  •  J Channel | Z Channel

  • Split Seam Tube Round and Square



product samples